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Orange FL, 4COP/3PS Liquor License

Orange County liquor license

8h, 35m

License & Auction Fees included

5d, 2h, 14m

License & Auction Fees included

Buy your Orange County 4COP/3PS liquor license any time of day or night. Check pricing, make an offer, or buy now – it's the same 4COP/3PS liquor license you'd get from the Florida Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Limited to Orange, the FL 4COP/3PS liquor license. Permits all liquor sales -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for either restaurants and bars or liquor stores in Florida. A Florida 4COP liquor license allows bars and restaurants to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for consumption on-premises. The FL 3PS liquor license permits liquor stores to sell alcohol for consumption off-premises.