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Types of Union County Liquor Licenses

Business entrepreneurs must obtain a Union County alcohol license to sell liquor legally. In northern New Jersey, Union County has a population of approximately 575,000 people. The county seat is Elizabeth, NJ, which is also the largest city in Union County. Many travelers and locals enjoy area attractions like The Liberty Hall Museum, Watchung Reservation, and Reeves-Reed Arboretum. Each year, during the summer, the annual Union County Fair takes place, bringing more people to the area. 


In order to sell or serve alcohol at your Union County establishment, we offer online Union County liquor license auctions for the following permit types:


  • Type 32: Permits restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for on-site consumption, as well as beer and wine "to go" for off-site consumption in Union County.
  • Type 33: Permits restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for on-site consumption, as well as beer and wine "to go" for off-site consumption in Union County, New Jersey.
  • Type 44: Permits liquor stores & grocery stores to sell all liquor sales -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for off-premises consumption in Union County, NJ.


Each New Jersey liquor license grants the holder the right to sell in a specific New Jersey municipality or borough, such as Elizabeth. Liquor licenses are not transferable between municipalities or boroughs. However, they are transferable between owners, which means you can legally buy or sell any Union County alcohol license issued in your municipality or borough.

How to Buy a Union County Liquor License

Buyers have two options for purchasing an alcohol license in Union County, New Jersey. The first way is to obtain an alcohol permit from the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in New Jersey. The second way is to procure a Union County liquor license on the open market using a liquor license broker, such as Liquor License Auctioneers.


New Jersey sets a cap on the number of liquor licenses that a county, township, and borough have available. This means that, more often than not, a buyer will have to attain a liquor license using an alcohol license broker on the secondary market in one of the following transfer options: Person-to-Person, Place-to-Place, or Person-to-Person and Place-to-Place. Still, many times, the buyer has to be patient and wait for the seller to sell a liquor license to them in Union County, NJ.


At Liquor License Auctioneers, this is our area of expertise. We offer Union County liquor licenses on our online auction platform. With our years of experience, we have developed many connections with both lawyers and business owners. These connections allow us to offer exclusive Union County alcohol licenses on our bidding platform that no other brokerage can offer, meaning we can list them at ethical prices. If you need a specific type of Union County alcohol permit, we can use our network of connections to locate one for you in no time.


How to Apply for a Liquor License in Union County, New Jersey: 


  1. Enter into a Contract of Sale: The initial step in the application process for a Union County alcohol license is for the buyer (transferee) and the seller (transferor) to enter into a contract of sale.
  2. Complete the 12 Page ABC Application: All 12 pages of the NJ ABC Application must be submitted in TRIPLICATE with all original signatures.
  3. Pay the Annual License Renewal Fee: When applying for a Union County liquor license, the buyer must pay the 10% Annual License Renewal Fee for Person-to-Person transfers and Place-to-Place alcohol license transfers. For Person-to-Person and Place-to-Place transfers, a 20%  Annual License Renewal Fee is required.
  4. Write a $200 Check or Money Order for ABC: A check for $200 or a money order can be made out to the State of NJ, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  5. Consent to Transfer: The current alcohol permit holder will sign and notarize the Consent to Transfer, or consent of sale, for the Union County liquor license.
  6. Disclosure Statement of Applicant: At this point, the Disclosure Statement of Applicant (source funding) must be submitted as part of the Union County alcohol license ABC Application.
  7. Submit Federal & State Fingerprint Reports: Both the state and federal fingerprint reports must be done by the police and submitted to the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).
  8. Additional Investigative Report: The police must conduct an additional investigation and then write a report which must be submitted with the ABC Application for a Union County liquor license.
  9. Send a Detailed Sketch of the Business Premises: Include a detailed sketch of the business and the proposed licensing area when sending in your NJ ABC Application. You must also include a photo of the outside of the premises.
  10. Affidavit of Publication: At this time, a Notice of Intent to Transfer will be published twice in a matter of three weeks, with one week in between each notice publication. This gives the public the opportunity to speak up about any objections to the Union County alcohol license transfer. In the case that any objections are made, then they are sent in writing to the local issuing authority.
  11. Submit a Certificate of Sales Tax Authority: The Union County alcohol license buyer must submit the Certificate of Sales Tax Authority and obtain the Alcoholic Beverage Retail Licensee Clearance Certificate for Transfer. The buyer may contact the New Jersey Division of Taxation ABC Licensing Unit by calling them at 609-292-0043.
  12. Application for Bulk Sale Permit: The existing inventory of liquor may be purchased by the buyer for a payment of $75.00 with a check written to the NJ Div. of Alcoholic Beverage Control. If the buyer doesn’t want to purchase the existing stock of alcoholic beverages, then there is no need for them to send a check. However, they will still need to complete the Application for Bulk Sale Permit and submit it with the ABC Application for the Union County alcohol license.
  13. Provide a Letter from the Buyer’s Attorney: A written letter will be required from the buyer’s attorney, notifying the local issuing authority of the closing date for the sale of the Union County alcohol permit.
  14. Resolution of Transfer: The Resolution of Transfer will then be passed by the issuing authority. This can not be contingent on another action.
  15. The License will be Amended to Reflect New Ownership: The Union County liquor license ABC Application will be amended to reflect new ownership and generation change. If any checks are required, make them payable to the Director, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.


Complete the following eight steps with the help of our expert liquor license brokers to secure your Union County liquor license.


  1. Secure the location: Choose where you will operate your business establishment, and rent, lease, or purchase the business property.
  2. Select your liquor license: Decide which type of Union County alcohol permit you need to secure for your business. Then, select which way you will purchase the liquor license in Union County - either from the NJ Division of ABC or from an alcohol license broker on the open market, like Liquor License Auctioneers.
  3. Open your escrow account: The finances associated with the purchase and the transfer of the Union County alcohol license must be held in an escrow account. It’s ideal that this escrow account is created by a third-party company.
  4. Survey the location: Your business location must be inspected by a contractor. We can complete this step on your behalf.
  5. Complete your ABC Application: When the ABC Application is complete, send it with the associated forms and documents to the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The Division of ABC will review and approve the ABC Application for a Union County alcohol license. Our liquor license brokers can assist you in completing the NJ Application.
  6. Post a notice: When the New Jersey ABC approves the application for a Union County liquor license, they will send a notice of intent to sell alcohol. This notice must be displayed at your business location for a total of 30 days.
  7. Submit to investigation: The New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) will conduct an inspection of your business location to determine if your business is safe to operate and sell liquor.
  8. Receive the liquor license: After your business location has been inspected, the New Jersey ABC will send your the official Union County liquor license in the mail. When you receive the official alcohol license, you must display it at your establishment.


Following the previous eight steps to obtain a Union County liquor license meets the requirements laid out by the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in New Jersey. To be sure that you receive your alcohol license in Union County in a timely manner, check with your local municipal government so that you are aware if there are additional stipulations to acquire a liquor license in Elizabeth, NJ.


In Union County, New Jersey, there are numerous businesses competing for liquor licenses. Union County has a plethora of businesses that require licenses to operate, such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and liquor stores. At Liquor License Auctioneers, our expert alcohol permit brokers have the experience and the knowledge as well as the connections to help you secure the type of Union County liquor license your business needs. With our exceptional business model, unique online auction platform, ethical prices, and honest business practices, we strive to provide the best experience to buyers looking to purchase an alcohol license in Union County. Take a look at our available Union County liquor licenses for sale, and make an offer now.

Union County Liquor Licenses for Sale

In 2012, Liquor License Auctioneers was established by a former California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Investigator with the mission to provide both buyers and sellers with an ethical auction platform for Union County liquor licenses. Sellers are able to easily list their Union County alcohol licenses for sale on our online bidding platform. Buyers can check our auctions frequently as they are updated in real-time to show which Union County alcohol permits are currently available. Make an offer, and purchase a liquor license in Union County, New Jersey.

Contact Liquor License Auctioneers

Procuring an alcohol license in Union County, NJ, can be a long and exhausting process. With Liquor License Auctioneers, we can help expedite the process so that you’ll be serving or selling alcohol to customers quickly. Contact our expert liquor license brokers by giving us a call at 818.345.2226 or sending us an email. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them as we work with you to obtain your Union County liquor license.