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Types of Broward County Liquor Licenses

Business proprietors in Broward County, Florida, must acquire a Broward County liquor license to sell alcohol to their patrons. In southeast Florida, Broward County has a large population of nearly 1.96 million people. The largest city in Broward County is Fort Lauderdale which also happens to be the county seat. Broward County is not only a heavily populated area but also a popular vacation destination with attractions such as Fort Lauderdale Beach, Flamingo Gardens, and East Las Olas Boulevard. There are many events that happen throughout the year, drawing people to the area, one of them being the Broward County Fair which takes place from mid-November to early December in Margate, Florida.


In order to sell liquor legally at your Broward County establishment, we offer online Broward County liquor license auctions for the following permit types: 


  • 4COP: Permits restaurants and bars to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for consumption on-premises in Broward County. 
  • 3PS: Permits liquor stores to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for consumption off-premises in Broward County, Florida.


Each Florida liquor license grants the holder the right to sell in a specific Florida county, such as Broward. Liquor licenses are not transferable between counties. They are, however, transferable between owners, which means you can legally buy or sell any Broward County alcohol license.

How to Buy a Broward County Liquor License

Business owners can obtain a Broward County alcohol permit in one of two ways. The first option is to attain an alcohol license in Broward County from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T). The second option is to purchase a Broward County liquor license from a liquor license broker, such as Liquor License Auctioneers, on the open market.


Since there is a limit of quota liquor licenses in each Florida County, many businesses are competing to gain a liquor license in Broward County, Florida. Sometimes the only way to receive an alcohol permit is through the open market. Business owners may have to be patient and wait for a seller to sell a liquor license to you in Broward County, Florida.


We pride ourselves on having the only online auction platform for Broward County alcohol licenses. Along with our many years of experience in this industry, we’ve gained a close network of business owners and lawyers who also specialize in this sector. Having these connections allows us to have access to select Broward County liquor licenses that we can place on our bidding platform and are only available there. This means that no other brokerage can sell the same liquor license. This exclusivity gives us the ability to price the Broward County alcohol permits fairly. Let us know if there is a specific type of liquor license in Broward County that you need for your business.


In order to transfer the ownership of a Broward County alcohol license, all of the following eight steps must be completed by both the buyer and the seller. 


  1. Set a Price for the Liquor License: The alcohol license seller will come up with a set price, including the auction fee, and then they will offer this price to the Broward County liquor license buyer. 
  2. Create a Purchase Agreement: If the buyer decides to accept the offer provided by the seller, then both of them will sign and date a Purchase Agreement. 
  3. Pay 10% of the Cost of the Liquor License Upfront: The buyer must place 10% of the total Broward County liquor license cost in an Attorney Trust Account. This will remove the Broward County alcohol license from the auction, and a closing date will be set.
  4. Prepare the Bill of Sale & All Closing Documents: With the help of an attorney, the liquor license seller must complete the following: the Bill of Sale, the Alcohol License Transfer Affidavit, and the Closing Documents, as well as any forms or paperwork to complete the AB&T Application. Until the purchase is finalized, the buyer will ask their escrow agent or attorney to hold all of these completed documents in escrow.
  5. Seller Pays Transfer Fees: Any fees that have to be paid by the seller will be taken from the seller’s portion of the sale of the liquor license in Broward County.
  6. Buyer pays the AB&T Annual License Fee: At the time of the closing of the Broward County alcohol license, the buyer or their attorney or escrow agent will pay the prorated annual license fee. This fee can be paid to the seller’s attorney in one of the following ways: Bank Check, Cashier’s Check, Attorney Trust Account, or a Bank Wire.
  7. Closing the Bill of Sale: At this stage, the seller’s escrow agent or their attorney will make sure to hand over all documents, including the Affidavit of Transferor, the Closing Statement, and the original Bill of Sale to the buyer.
  8. Submit Transfer of Liquor License Application Documents to AB&T: The Broward County alcohol license purchaser may use their attorney to help them submit and complete the AB&T Application documents and forms. The buyer may either put the Broward County liquor license in escrow with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T). If the business location is ready to start conducting business and has already gotten approval from the AB&T as a conducive place to sell alcohol, the AB&T can send the business owner a temporary alcohol permit in Broward County. 


At Liquor License Auctioneers, our expert alcohol permit brokers can guide you through these nine steps to purchase a Broward County liquor license.


  1. Secure the location: You must rent, lease, or purchase the space where you’d like to sell or serve alcohol.
  2. Select your liquor license: Decide which type of Broward County alcohol permit you need for your type of business, and choose whether you’ll purchase it from a liquor license broker like Liquor License Auctioneers or the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T). 
  3. Survey the location: Hire an inspector to perform a survey of your business location. Liquor License Auctioneers can help you complete this step. 
  4. Complete your AB&T Application: Before sending in your AB&T Application, complete all related documents and forms, including Health and Human Resources Approval, fingerprints, related-party personal information, registering with the Florida Division of Corporations, provide a right of occupancy, zoning approval, Department of Revenue approval, management contracts, originating agency identification number, service agreements, paying a fee, and sending a sketch or blueprint of the business location where you plan to sell alcohol. 
  5. Submit your AB&T Application: Now, you’ll submit the AB&T Application along with all the required forms to Broward County’s division district office for approval. 
  6. Post the temporary initial license: If you paid a fee to receive a temporary Broward County alcohol permit, they will send you a temporary liquor license. You are instructed to post it at your business location.
  7. AB&T Application Review: The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T) will review all the documents as well as the Broward County liquor license AB&T Application. The AB&T will add this information to their system.
  8. Submit to investigation: A final inspection of your business premises will need to be conducted by the DBPR AB&T before they will issue you the Broward County alcohol license. 
  9. Receive the liquor license: Once your establishment is deemed an appropriate business location to sell liquor by the Division of AB&T, they will send you a bill for the cost of the Broward County liquor license. After you send your payment, they will mail you the official Broward County alcohol license. When you receive the alcohol permit, be sure to post it visibly at your establishment.


If you follow these prior nine steps as closely as possible, the process for acquiring a Broward County alcohol license should be efficient. These nine steps will also meet the requirements of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T) for obtaining a liquor license in Broward County, Florida. To make sure the entire process goes as smooth as possible, it’s a good idea to check with your local municipality to see if they require any additional regulations. This will make sure you can get your liquor license in Fort Lauderdale as quickly as possible. 


We know that there is a lot of competition for businesses seeking alcohol licenses in Broward County. Select Liquor License Auctioneers to steer you through the process of acquiring your Broward County alcohol permit. Our professional service, years of experience, fair pricing, and honest and ethical business model set us apart from the competition. We’ll do our best to provide specific liquor licenses for Broward County. Please take a look at all currently available Broward County alcohol licenses on our live auction platform, and make an offer. 

Broward County

Founded in 2012, Liquor License Auctioneers was started by a previous California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Investigator to provide fairly priced Broward County liquor licenses for sale on our innovative auction platform. Business owners can buy or sell Broward County alcohol permits easily by using our online bidding platform. See which alcohol licenses in Broward County, Florida, are available, and place a bid now. 

Contact Liquor License Auctioneers

Acquiring a Broward County liquor license can be a time-consuming endeavor. Our experienced liquor license brokers can help expedite the process so that you can start selling liquor - beer, wine, and spirits - to your customers. Contact our alcohol permit brokers by calling us at 818.345.2226 or sending an email, and we’ll be able to help you secure a Broward County alcohol license in no time.