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Types of Mercer County Liquor Licenses

As a business owner in Mercer County, it’s essential that you obtain a Mercer County alcohol license to serve or sell liquor to patrons. Bordering the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Mercer County has a population of nearly 387,000 people. Most of these residents live in Hamilton Township, the largest populated area, but many also live in Hopewell Township, which is the largest area in the county. The county seat is the city of Trenton, which happens to be the capital of New Jersey. Tourists and locals enjoy spending time at some of the most popular sights like Old Barracks Museum, Terhune Orchards, Howell Living History Farm, Grounds For Sculpture, Princeton Battlefield State Park, and Princeton University Art Museum. The annual Mercer County 4-H Fair at Howell Living History Farm takes place in Lambertville, NJ, with animals, music, food, and pony rides – bringing people to Mercer County. 


In order to serve alcoholic beverages at your Mercer County business legally, we offer online Mercer County liquor license auctions for the following permit types:


  • Type 32: Permits restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for on-site consumption, as well as beer and wine "to go" for off-site consumption in Mercer County.
  • Type 33: Permits restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to sell all liquor -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for on-site consumption, as well as beer and wine "to go" for off-site consumption in Mercer County, New Jersey.
  • Type 44: Permits liquor stores & grocery stores to sell all liquor sales -- beer, wine, and spirits -- for off-premises consumption in Mercer County, NJ.


Each New Jersey liquor license grants the holder the right to sell in a specific New Jersey municipality or borough, such as Trenton. Liquor licenses are not transferable between municipalities or boroughs. However, they are transferable between owners, which means you can legally buy or sell any Mercer County alcohol license issued in your municipality or borough.

How to Buy a Mercer County Liquor License

In New Jersey, there are two ways to acquire a liquor license in Mercer County. The first way is to obtain an alcohol permit from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The alternative route to secure an alcohol license in Mercer County is through the secondary market, using a liquor license broker, such as Liquor License Auctioneers.


In New Jersey, each county, township, and borough has a cap on the number of liquor licenses that are available at any given time. Usually, a Mercer County alcohol license can be acquired using a liquor license broker on the open market through one of the following three transfer options: Person-to-Person, Place-to-Place, or Person-to-Person and Place-to-Place. Most often, a buyer will have to wait for a seller to 

sell a liquor license to them in Mercer County.


This is an area where our liquor license brokers specialize. At Liquor License Auctioneers, we have an online auction platform that provides exclusive Mercer County liquor licenses that no other alcohol brokerage can sell. We can price these alcohol permits fairly. This is made possible due to our connections to business proprietors and lawyers who also specialize in this area. If you can’t find the specific type of liquor license you need for your business, let our team know, and we’ll do our best to locate one for you in a timely manner.


How to Apply for a Liquor License in Mercer County, New Jersey: 


  1. Enter into a Contract of Sale: The first step in the process of applying for a Mercer County liquor license is for the seller (transferor) and the buyer (transferee) to enter into a contract of sale. 
  2. Complete the 12 Page ABC Application: Complete all 12 pages of the ABC Application for the Mercer County alcohol license with all original signatures in TRIPLICATE.
  3. Pay the Annual License Renewal Fee: When you are applying for a Mercer County liquor license, you will need to pay a 10% Annual License Renewal Fee for Person-to-Person alcohol permit transfers and Place-to-Place Mercer County alcohol license transfers. For Person-to-Person and Place-to-Place transfers, there is a 20% Annual License Renewal Fee.
  4. Write a $200 Check or Money Order for ABC: Send a check or money order worth $200 to the State of NJ, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. 
  5. Consent to Transfer: The current Mercer County alcohol license holder must sign and notarize the Consent to Transfer or consent of sale for the Mercer County liquor license.
  6. Disclosure Statement of Applicant: Part of the ABC Application for a Mercer County liquor license includes The Disclosure Statement of Applicant (source funding).
  7. Submit Federal & State Fingerprint Reports: Both the federal and state fingerprint reports from the police should be sent over to the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).
  8. Additional Investigative Report: An additional investigative report should be conducted by the police. They will write up a report that you can submit along with the ABC Application for a Mercer County alcohol permit.
  9. Send a Detailed Sketch of the Business Premises: Include a photo of the outside of your business location when submitting a detailed sketch of the establishment and proposed licensing area. This should all be included when you send in the ABC Application for a Mercer County liquor license.
  10. Affidavit of Publication: A Notice of Intent to Transfer will be published twice in a time period of three weeks. There will be one week between the publications. The Affidavit of Publication gives the public the opportunity to raise any objections they may have regarding the Mercer County liquor license transfer. Any objections that have been made are sent in writing to the local issuing authority.
  11. Submit a Certificate of Sales Tax Authority: The Mercer County alcohol license buyer should submit the Certificate of Sales Tax Authority and receive the Alcoholic Beverage Retail Licensee Clearance Certificate for Transfer. They are able to contact the NJ Division of Taxation ABC Licensing Unit at 609-292-0043.
  12. Application for Bulk Sale Permit: The buyer may choose to purchase some of the existing liquor inventory and stock from the current Mercer County alcohol license holder. If the buyer decides to purchase the stock of alcoholic beverages, they will make out a check for $75.00 to the NJ Div. of Alcoholic Beverage Control. This check will be sent in with the ABC Application. If the buyer doesn’t want to purchase the inventory of liquor, then they aren’t required to write a check or pay the fee, but they will still have to submit the Application for Bulk Sale Permit. 
  13. Provide a Letter from the Buyer’s Attorney: At this time, a letter will be written by the buyer’s attorney notifying the local issuing authority of the closing date for the sale and transfer of the Mercer County liquor license.
  14. Resolution of Transfer: The Resolution of Transfer will be passed by the local issuing authority. This is not contingent on another action.
  15. The License will be Amended to Reflect New Ownership: At this time, the Mercer County alcohol license will be amended to show the generation change and new ownership. It will also be changed on the ABC Application. Any checks should be made out to the Director, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.


To secure your Mercer County liquor license, have our expert alcohol license brokers assist you in completing the following eight steps.


  1. Secure the location: Be sure to lease, rent, or buy the location where you will run your business and sell alcoholic beverages. 
  2. Select your liquor license: Choose the type of Mercer County alcohol license you need for your place of business. Then, decide how you will obtain the alcohol permit. One way is through the NJ ABC, and the other way is through the secondary market using a liquor license broker, like Liquor License Auctioneers.
  3. Open your escrow account: Create an escrow account with a third-party establishment. This escrow account will be used to hold all the finances associated with the transfer and sale of the Mercer County liquor license.
  4. Survey the location: At this time, the business premises must be surveyed. You can employ a certified contractor, or let our liquor license brokers complete this step. 
  5. Complete your ABC Application: The ABC Application must be submitted to the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) with all of the related documents and forms. The NJ Division of ABC will review and approve the ABC Application. Have Liquor License Auctioneers assist you in completing the ABC Application for a Mercer County liquor license. 
  6. Post a notice: When the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) approves your ABC Application, they will send you a notice of intent to sell liquor. This notice should be displayed at your place of business for 30 days.
  7. Submit to investigation: Once the 30-day time period has elapsed, the NJ ABC will visit your business location to conduct a final inspection. This inspection will measure whether your business has met the requirements for selling alcohol at your business establishment.
  8. Receive the liquor license: When the New Jersey ABC approves the final inspection, they will mail you the official Mercer County alcohol license. Once you receive it, you are instructed to post it in a featured place at your business. 


Following these eight steps to obtain a liquor license in Mercer County ensures that you’ve met the requirements set by the state of New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). Though, it’s always a good idea to see if your local municipal government has any additional regulations for securing a liquor license in Trenton, NJ. There may be additional stipulations like zoning permits (CUPs) for acquiring an alcohol license in Hamilton Township. Knowing what these requirements are ahead of time can help expedite the process of attaining an alcohol permit in Hopewell Township, New Jersey.


Most businesses in New Jersey are competing for liquor licenses. Mercer County businesses, like grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores, all need proper alcohol licenses, but due to the limited number of alcohol permits available in each county, city, borough, or township, it can be difficult for business owners to secure a liquor license. Trust the experience of our team at Liquor License Auctioneers. We have the knowledge and years of experience in this industry to help accelerate the process of acquiring an alcohol permit, so you can start selling liquor to your customers. We pride ourselves on having an exceptional business model with ethical business practices. See all of our available liquor licenses in Mercer county listed on our auction platform. Place a bid, and purchase an alcohol license in Mercer County, New Jersey.

Mercer County Liquor Licenses for Sale

Established in 2012, Liquor License Auctioneers was founded by a former Investigator of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) with the mission to provide an ethical auction platform for Mercer County liquor licenses for sale. Buyers and sellers can purchase or list an alcohol license in Mercer County, New Jersey, at any time of the day or night, as our alcohol permits are updated in real-time. See all currently available liquor licenses in Mercer County, NJ, and make an offer.

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