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New Mexico Liquor License Types

New Mexico, Dispensers (Dis) License - Full Liquor License - On Sale & Off-Sale

Dispenser (Dis) liquor license, allows spirits, beer, and wine for both on-premise and off-premise consumption (package liquor sales); However, once transferred to another Option District (LOD) it loses the package privileges allowing for off-premises consumption.

New Mexico, Inter Local Dispenser License (ILD) - Full Liquor License (On-Sale)

Spirits, beer, and wine can only be sold on-premise as a restaurant license.

An Inter-local Dispenser liquor license started out as a dispenser license but once the license is transferred out of the original Option District it gave up the right to sell ("to-go") alcoholic beverages and can only be used as a restaurant license now. 

Types of establishments that would fall under this category are restaurants, nightclubs, and bowling alleys.

RET - Beer, Wine and Spirits - Off-Sale (Liquor Store)

Retail license, allows beer, wine, and spirits for package sales only.  This license can transfer to other option districts and never looses the package for off premise consumption.