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Types of Ventura County Liquor Licenses

As a business owner in Southern California, it’s important to purchase a Ventura county liquor license to sell alcohol legally. In Ventura County, the city of Ventura is both the largest city as well as the county seat. Some of the main attractions in Ventura County that draw tourists to the area are Sandstone Peak, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and Anacapa Island. In the late summer, from the beginning to the middle of August, the Ventura County Fair takes place in Ventura, CA, each year. 


To assist you in serving or selling alcoholic beverages legally to your customers, we offer online Ventura County liquor license auctions for the following permit types: 


Each California liquor license grants the holder the right to sell in a specific California county, such as Ventura. Liquor licenses are not transferable between counties. They are, however, transferable between owners, which means you can legally buy or sell any Ventura County ABC liquor license.

How to Buy a Ventura County Liquor License

When you are in the market for a Ventura alcohol license, you can secure an alcohol permit in one of two ways. The first option of obtaining a Ventura County liquor license is to purchase the alcohol license from the California Department of ABC. If you prefer, you can find a Ventura liquor license on the secondary market by using a liquor license broker such as Liquor License Auctioneers. 

Due to the limited number of Ventura alcohol licenses in Ventura County, CA, sometimes, the only way to purchase a liquor license is through a liquor license brokerage on the open market. Even still, you may have to wait for the specific type of Ventura County liquor license to become available and until a seller is willing to sell a liquor license to you in Ventura County, California. 


Securing the right type of Ventura liquor license is our niche of expertise. As skilled liquor license brokers, we’ve developed and maintained a network of connections, such as business owners and lawyers, which gives us a leg up on the competition by making some Ventura alcohol permits accessible only to Liquor License Auctioneers. Having Ventura County alcohol licenses available to only our alcohol permit brokers gives us the opportunity to price these Ventura liquor licenses at fair starting prices. Reach out to our experienced liquor license brokers if you need a specific Ventura alcohol license, and we can find one for you. 


Our experienced team of liquor license brokers can steer you through the process of accomplishing all of the following eight steps to receive a Ventura County liquor license. 


  1. Secure the location: You must have a location selected that you are renting, leasing, or purchasing where you plan to sell alcohol.
  2. Select your liquor license: Based on the type of business you are opening, you’ll need to decide which Ventura County liquor license your establishment requires and which way you’ll purchase the alcohol permit – either through the CA ABC or a liquor license broker like Liquor License Auctioneers.
  3. Open your escrow account: Select an unrelated, third-party company to create an escrow account. This will be the account where all financial transactions associated with purchasing and transferring ownership of the new liquor license go through.
  4. Survey the location: Use a contractor or our liquor license brokers to survey your business location.
  5. Complete your ABC Application: The ABC application must be filled out and sent to the CA ABC for review. Liquor License Auctioneers can complete the ABC application on your behalf.
  6. Post a notice: After approval, the CA ABC will send a notice of intent to sell liquor, and this must be displayed for 30 days at your business.
  7. Submit to investigation: After 30 days, another inspection of your establishment must be done, this time by the CA ABC. If the inspection passes, they will issue you the Ventura County liquor license.
  8. Receive the liquor license: If you passed all seven prior steps, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will mail you the official Ventura liquor license, and you must make sure to display it at your business location.


If you complete all eight steps by the book, you’ll accelerate the process of receiving a Ventura County alcohol license. All of these preceding eight steps are required by the CA ABC. 


To ensure that you’ll acquire a Ventura County liquor license in as little time as possible, be sure to see what requirements are set by the local municipal government. Sometimes the local government has specific zoning permits (CUP’s) or other stipulations that must be met before you can secure a Ventura ABC license. 


In California, we know there are a restricted number of Ventura alcohol licenses. When we offer a liquor license in Ventura County on our innovative bidding platform, it gives you the ability to work with our experienced liquor license brokers who are well-respected in our industry. We can find you any type of Ventura alcohol permit you need. Browse our auction platform to purchase a Ventura County liquor license today.

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Founded in 2012 by a former Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Investigator in California, Liquor License Auctioneers is the only online auction platform for selling and buying Ventura County liquor licenses. Our bidding platform is set up to provide buyers and sellers with both competitive and fair prices for Ventura alcohol licenses. See our available Ventura liquor licenses that are updated in real-time, and buy one now.

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