Why business brokers, consultants, finders, realtors and attorneys may want to consider using the Liquor License Auctioneers’ website:

Historical Transaction Information— Know the approximate true fair market value of an alcoholic beverage license prior to buying or selling it— Free!  We show you the most recent, county recorded transactions, for the same type of license your client is buying or selling in the particular county they want it in— Free! Its Free— Business brokers, consultants, finders, realtors and attorneys never pay Liquor License Auctioneers anything to list or sell a client’s alcoholic beverage license, its always Free! Only a Fixed or Flat Fee is Charged— Your buyers only pay a fixed 10% auction fee on all alcoholic beverage licenses over $10,000.00 and a $1,000.00, flat auction fee for alcoholic beverage licenses $10,000.00 and under. Free Advertising— We spend thousands of dollars advertising your clients' alcoholic beverage licenses, along with other alcoholic beverage licenses, on the web (Google, Yahoo, Bing), free of charge to you and your clients. Current Listings— You’ll have confidence knowing that our site features the most up to date and accurate license listings in the industry, because they are listed daily by the actual licensees themselves, as well as by other business brokers, consultants, attorneys, realtors and finders. Transparency + Security + Simplicity = Fairness— We provide an easy, safe, transparent way for your clients to purchase and sell an alcoholic beverage license. Confidence— Because you create and have control over the license listings and prices. No Bids, Don’t Pay— If your client's license is sold elsewhere, after listing it on our website, but prior to any bids being placed on it, we do not ask for a commission.  Once a bid is placed on the license, the license may not be removed until the auction listing date has expired. Escrow Fees— Your clients can feel confident knowing they are paying one of the lowest escrow fees in the industry.  The independent third party escrow company is licensed and regulated by the California Department of Corporations, and independently bonded, and insured by the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation.

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