Removal of ABC Liquor License Conditions

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ABC often places conditions on your liquor license because either someone protested
your license or the location has been a problem in the past.  Once the conditions have
been placed on your license and you have signed and agreed upon the conditions, you
may not petition to remove the conditions for one year.

The penalty for violating your liquor license conditions can range from suspending your
license, paying thousands of dollars in fines and even the revocation of your license. As
a former investigator for the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, I
realize that bar, restaurant and/or nightclub owners are hard-working people and they
should never have to go in front of a District Administrator at one of the Alcoholic
Beverage Control District Offices and plead for mercy based on a "Condition Violation".

These violations of your conditions could have been avoided if you knew someone who
had the expertise to remove or modify the conditions on your liquor license.
Wouldn't it be great if you know longer had to close your business at 10, 11 or even 12
midnight if you didn't want to? Maybe the sale of beer and wine in certain size
containers is prohibited at your location. Maybe the business that was in your location
before you had a lot of problems with litter and people drinking in front of the location.
If for no other reason, when and if you ever decide to sell your business or liquor license
it always easier to sell a liquor license that doesn't have conditions placed on it rather
than one that does.

What if you have conditions placed on your license? This can have a serious impact on
the revenue that your operation will take in over the course of a week, month or even
year. Wouldn't it be nice to have no restrictions on your license? Wouldn't it also be
nice not to have someone limiting how much revenue you should be allowed to generate
by opening your business?

There are many different kinds of conditions that can be placed on your license and many
different reasons the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control can place them on your
license. I have seen in many instances where conditions were placed on a license based
on the past history of a neighborhood, even though the neighborhood has been totally
revitalized and it is nothing like it was fifteen years earlier. I have seen conditions placed
on a license based on old crime statistics, old protested applications, neighbors that used
to live in close proximity to your business but do not live there any longer.

You can't afford to have accusations against your license and if you're violating a
condition on your license and you get caught, it can be rather costly.