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Hillsborough FL, 4COP/3PS Liquor License

This license is transferable anyplace in Hillsborough County.

Current Price $335,000

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FL - Restaurant/Bar/NighClub or Liquor Store. 

Beer, Wine, & Liquor:  Sale by the drink for consumption on premises & off premises package sales in sealed containers. A COP liquor license may sell for consumption on premises & may include package sales.  It is not limited to a restaurant type venue & can be a bar or any other type of business where the alcoholic beverages are primarily consumed on the premises

These liquor licenses may also decrease their series to the corresponding PS license in its county, if they want to sell package only.

Buyers never pay an auction fee to purchase their alcoholic beverage license—Ever!

Sellers only pay a 10% auction fee for any license over $30,000.00.

Sellers only pay a flat fee of $3,000., for all alcoholic beverage licenses $30,000.00., and under.

The price listed for each license "already" includes the auction fee.     

Transfer fees vary per license and are paid by the seller unless negotiated otherwise. 

Our fee structure is unmatched in the liquor license industry!
Loans for Purchase, Refinancing & Equity Financing for Established Improvements.

Interest Rates from 8.5% with Flexible Terms.  

Loans are Based Upon the Current Market Value of the License.

All Closings Done With the Assistance of an Attorney Licensed with the State of Florida Bar Association.

We Work With a Network Group of Lenders Who Offer Various Finance Options for Every Type of Budget.
(4COP, 5COP, 6COP, 7COP, 8COP) Beer, Wine and Liquor Consumption on Premises and Package Sales in Sealed Containers

AB&T Restaurant "Quota" Application link
(3PS, 3APS, 3BPS, 3CPS, 3DPS) Beer, Wine and Liquor Package Sales.

 AB&T Package Store "Quota" Application link
Off-Premise (No Sales by the Drink or On Premises Consumption).
The deposit on all license auctions in the state of Florida is 10% of the purchase price.  The deposit is held in the attorney trust account or with a bank promissory note.

The following steps are for a Buyer and Seller to complete a proper transfer of a liquor license in the state of Florida:

Implement a Purchase Agreement signed by the Seller and Buyer.

Seller offers to sell the AB&T license at a set price, inclusive of the auction fee.

Buyer accepts the offer and a Purchase Agreement is generated and signed by both parties.  Upon execution of the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer will then deposit 10% of the cost of the license into an Attorney Trust Account, which will take the license off the auction website and a closing date will be set.

Pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement, the Seller will then have a Bill of Sale and related closing documents prepared by their attorney, as well as a transfer affidavit and all other affidavits and documents that are part of the AB&T application packet.

Subject to the terms of the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer's attorney or the designated escrow agent will hold all of the above items and documents in escrow until the closing of the transaction.

The transfer fees, if applicable, are calculated and paid by the Seller and deducted at the closing from the Seller’s proceeds or as agreed in the purchase agreement.

The AB&T annual license fee is pro-rated and paid by the Buyer to the Seller at the closing.  This is for the reimbursement of fees already paid to the AB&T for whatever remains of the existing year.

At the closing, the Buyer or the designated escrow agent will deliver the remaining balance on the license either by Bank Wire, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, or an Attorney’s Trust Account Check along with the pro-rated license fee and a copy of the Closing Statement to the Seller’s attorney.

At the closing, the Seller's attorney or the designated escrow agent will provide the Buyer with copies of the executed closing documents, the original Bill of Sale, an original Closing Statement, and an original Affidavit of Transferor.

The Buyer's attorney can then assist in submitting the transfer application packet to the AB&T.  The Buyer then has the option of placing the license in escrow with the AB&T, or if the location is ready to open, subject to AB&T approval, a temporary license can be requested to begin selling alcohol at the Buyer’s business.

The following should only be used as a Florida License Transfer Guide, but may be required by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T):

Check with local zoning board to see if your proposed location is properly zoned for serving alcohol.  Secure a zoning approval in the zoning section of your AB&T Application.

If your business will serve food, check with the Division of Hotels & Restaurants to secure approval for safety and sanitation, or with the County Health Authority or Department of Health if your business will permit consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises but will not serve food.

Fingerprinting is required for a liquor license in the state of Florida.  In-state residents should visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's web site to get a list of approved Live-Scan Device Vendors ( In-state provider list).  

You must be able to provide the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco's Originating Agency Identifier Number (ORI#) which is FL920150Z.  Out-of-state applicants must contact the division to obtain a fingerprint card, and the card must be submitted to Pearson VUE.  Once fingerprinted, submit your receipt with your AB&T Application. A Federal Employer Identification Number is required.

Draw a sketch of the building you are seeking to license to submit with your AB&T Application.

Secure a certified copy of your arrest disposition (if you answered yes to any of the criminal background questions).

Complete the AB&T Application for all corporate members, including all shareholders involved in the business.  (AB&T application links are located on our auction website under "Resources," then click "Fees & Services," then click "Applications.")

Now you may submit your completed AB&T Application with the state of Florida.

The following links are provided to help facilitate your AB&T Application process:

Division of Corporations (Florida) The Division of Corporations is for the filing of business entities (All business entities doing business in the state of Florida must be registered with the Department of Corporations), trademarks, judgment liens, fictitious name and lien registrations.  Check for any liens with both the state and the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T).

Florida Department of Revenue  Department of Revenue clearance is required on applications for all new, transfer, change of location, and applications which change the licensee’s name.

Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants The Division of Hotels and Restaurants licenses, inspects and regulates public lodging and food service establishments in Florida.  Health approval is required on all applications for consumption on the premises. Businesses that serve food or are located on premises licensed by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants must obtain approval from the Division.

Businesses that do not serve food must contact the County Health Authority or The Department of Health.

Click the link to show the address for the AB&T Office serving your area of interest.

Our team of Florida Liquor License Attorneys are is standing by to assist you through the Florida Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco (AB&T) liquor license application process in all 64 counties in the State of Florida. 

Liberty, Lafayette, and Washington Counties are dry counties.  Calhoun, Holmes, and Jackson Counties are wet by package only.
Zoning approval is executed by the city or county zoning authority in which the business to be licensed is located.  Zoning approval is required on all new and change of location applications unless the applicant is a state college or university located on state owned property.
The cost and time frames to secure the zoning permit vary by county and city throughout the state of Florida.
If a zoning permit is required for a specific location, the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (AB&T) may/will not issue a license for that location until a zoning permit has been issued.
If your zoning department municipality is not listed below, contact the zoning office for the county in which the establishment will be located.
AB&T-6007 Request for Cancellation of Permanent License.  This document is used by the owner of an alcoholic beverage license to request a cancellation of a permanent license.
AB&T-6010 Application for Changes to Pool-Buying Groups
This document is used by the authorized pool group agent to record changes, additions or deletions to a pool-buying group consisting of retail licensees.
AB&T-6015 Application for Delinquent Renewal
This document is used by a wholesale and retail alcoholic beverage licensee as well as wholesale cigarette exporters or other tobacco products distributors, to renew a license or permit that was placed in a null and void status due to the non-renewal of the license.
AB&T-6022 Application for Mortgagee's Interest in Spirituous Alcoholic Beverage License
This document is used to record liens, assumptions or assignments, or for the renewal or extension of a lien pledged against a retailer's liquor license.  A lien must be filed within ninety (90 days) of the dated executed security agreement as well as a promissory note.
This document may not be used to file a lien against a beer or beer and wine retail license.
AB&T-6027 Application for Escrow of an Alcoholic Beverage License
This document is used to place a quota liquor license into escrow.  This document is used if the license is not in a location.
AB&T-6030 Administrative Escrow Request Application
This document is used by commercial property owners or their leasing agents to remove an existing license from a location so that a new license may be issued for that location.
AB&T-6031 Request for Withdrawal of Application
This document may be used by an applicant to request the withdrawal of an application that has been previously filed with the AB&T.
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