What other requirements are there on maintaining signs?

  1. Barrels, kegs, cases, bottles, or other containers for alcoholic beverages may not be displayed on sidewalks, and advertising banners must not be hung over sidewalks. (Rule 106[c][2])
  2. Bars and taverns (license Types 42, 48, and 61) must post signs reading, "No Person Under 21 Allowed." Licensees must post one at or near each public entrance, visible from the exterior, and one inside in a prominent place. The signs must be at least 7" x 11" and have lettering at least 1" in height. (Rule 107)
  3. No more than 33% of the square footage of the windows and clear doors of an off-sale premises may have advertising or signs of any sort (Section 25612.5[c][7])
  4. Stores (license Types 20 and 21) must post one or more customer warning signs in the store (see form ABC-299 for wording). (Section 25658.4)
  5. Upon written notice from ABC, licensees must post "No Loitering" and "No Open Container" signs. Exception: The law does not apply to restaurants (license Types 41 and 47), wineries, beer manufacturers, hotels, motels, convention centers, ball parks, or arenas (Section 25612.5[c][1][2])
  6. Signs may not be obnoxious, gaudy, blatant, or offensive, and must not obstruct the view of the interior of the premises from the street (Section 25612)
  7. All on- and off-sale licensees must post warning signs reading, "Warning: Drinking spirits, beer, coolers, wine, and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects." (Sections 12601 [b][l][D][1] and 12601 [b][4][e] California Code of Regulations)

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