What organizations are eligible for a Club License & Are such clubs restricted to On-Sale privileges

Types of clubs such as golf, swimming, tennis, press, yachting, rod and gun, riding, bar associations, airlines club, medical associations, social and others may be eligible for a club license providing such club meets the standards established by law as to membership, premises ownership, time of origin and services available. (Sections 23425-23435, 23320.1, 23399.2, 23825, 24072.5 and 24078) Yes, Club licenses and veterans' club licenses may not make sales for consumption off the premises. (Sections 23431, 23453 and 23437) Our Commitment to You As a California Liquor License service business the only way we succeed is to have 100% satisfied clients.  We maintain a small but expert liquor license consulting staff in order to keep our client costs very reasonable but also maintain our top quality reputation for providing expert liquor license consulting advice and service second to none.  Whether we’re purchasing a liquor license or selling a liquor license, completing the ABC liquor license application or representing a liquor licensee at an ABC court accusation hearing, our top priority is your satisfaction and success. ABC Liquor License Specialists in addition to having a very robust inventory of beer, wine and full liquor licenses, also has an extensive California liquor license database designed to search and secure almost any California liquor license type in the State —every county and city—even in moratorium locations.

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