What are the legal grounds for an accusation?

Facts stated in an accusation must have at least one of the following grounds:

  • The violation, or the causing or the permitting of a violation, of (a) the Act, (b) the Rules, or (c) any other penal provisions of the law of this State prohibiting or regulating the sale, use, possession, giving away, adulteration, dilution, misbranding, or mislabeling of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating liquors
  • The misrepresentation of a material fact in an application
  • The plea of nolo contendere, the plea, verdict or judgment of guilty to any public offense involving moral turpitude or to any federal law prohibiting or regulating the sale, use, possession, etc., of alcoholic beverages or prohibiting the refilling or reuse of distilled spirits containers
  • Failure to correct objectionable conditions within a reasonable time after notice by a district attorney, city attorney, county counsel or the Department

Any other facts which would make the continuation of the license contrary to public welfare and morals (Section 24200)

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