Is there anything a licensee or an employee may do to prevent selling to minors?

A licensee is authorized to demand documentary evidence of the age and identity of any person prior to the sale whenever there is the slightest doubt of the age of the prospective patron. Proof that a licensee was shown bona fide identification of the age and identity of the person, and in good faith relied on the evidence, establishes a defense. (Section 25660) A 1999 amendment to Section 25659 says a licensee or an employee may seize an ID that shows the person is under 21, or that is false. A receipt must be given, and the ID turned over to the local law enforcement agency within 24 hours. A licensee or employee has the right to refuse service to any person whose majority is questionable. (Section 25659) A public premises licensee must post a sign visible from each public entrance and a similar sign inside reading "No Person Under 21 A1lowed." (Rule 107) Training for licensees and their employees on how to prevent sales to minors and other violations is available through ABC's LEAD Program, or a private training provider.  Contact the local ABC District Office for more information.

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