If I don’t need to buy a liquor license but need ABC application assistance, can Liquor License Auctioneers provide assistance?

Yes— we will still assist you in completing all the various Department of Alcoholic Beverage Controls liquor license applications/paperwork in any of the 58 counties in the State of California.  This includes field surveys of 100′ and 500’ radius rules, notifications to residents, diagrams of the proposed premises, and Public Convenience & Necessity findings for all liquor license applications. We have a team of retired ABC employees standing by to assist you through the liquor license application/transfer process, from start to finish.  The complete fee for this service is $3,000.00., for all ABC Applications— whether for corporations, LLCs or sole proprietorships. We also complete all ABC applications documents for processing corporate or limited liability company updates.  This includes changes in your Articles of Incorporation, stock updates, LLC operating agreement changes or any Secretary of State changes to your license.

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