How long can the licensed premises be closed before the licensee must surrender possession?

When licensed premises are closed, or the exercise of the privileges of the license is discontinued for any reason for a period of 15 consecutive days, the license must be surrendered to ABC. The license may be reactivated upon request of the licensee made at least 10 days in advance. (Rule 65) ABC Liquor License Specialists Services: Buying & Selling Liquor Licenses—we specialize in helping people with the purchase and sale of all ABC liquor licenses. In addition to our own extensive database of  “on-sale & off-sale” liquor licenses, we also monitor multiple databases of available licenses Nationwide. Applications— we complete all the various Department of Alcoholic Beverage Controls Liquor License applications/paperwork in any of the 58 counties in the State of California. This includes field surveys of 100' and 500’ radius rules, notifications to residents, diagrams of the proposed premises, and Public Convenience & Necessity findings for all liquor license applications. Liquor License Modifications and Conditional Use Permits (CUP’s) —completing all ABC and adjoining agencies documents to allow for later hours of operation, single sales, live amplified entertainment, dancing, video games and pool tables. We provide all Zoning (CUP) information and office contacts for all liquor license projects. ABC Administrative Hearings—we represent ABC liquor licensees at the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's Court Administrative hearings for matters such as selling to minors, police decoys, gambling, narcotics, protested application and civil proceedings. Escrow Services—all escrows handled by independent Liquor License escrow companies to keep up the integrity of your transaction. Russell has more than 13 years of experience in dealing with liquor license laws, rules and regulations that confront licensees when buying and selling a liquor license.  In fact, as a trainer of new investigators for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in California, he not only knows the law—he taught it.

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