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What are some grounds for protest or denial?

Some grounds for protest or denial of a license are:

  • (a) Applicant is not qualified. For example, the applicant falsified his application, has a disqualifying police record, has a record of chronic insobriety, is not the true owner, or is not at least 21 years of age, and/or
  • (b) Premises is not suitable. For example the premises is too close to a school, church, hospital, playground, nonprofit youth facility or residence and would disturb the facility or resident; the premises is located in a high-crime area and does not serve public convenience or necessity; the applicant does not have legal tenancy; the license would create a public nuisance; zoning is improper for alcohol sales.

License conditions are special restrictions placed on a license. Conditions may limit the hours of alcohol sales, the type of entertainment allowed or other aspects of the business. Conditions may eliminate the need to deny a license or may cause a protestant to withdraw his protest. (Sections 23958, 23958.4, 23790 and 23800)

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