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How does Liquor License Auctioneers’ website solve the buyer’s concerns?

Historical Transaction Information– Know the approximate true recent market value of an alcoholic beverage license prior to buying it!  We show you the most recent, county recorded transactions, for the same type of license you want in the particular county you want it in— Free! Only a Fixed Auction Fee or Flat Fee is ChargedOnly a 10% auction fee on all liquor licenses over $10,000.00 and a $1,000.00, flat fee for liquor licenses $10,000.00 and under. Transparency and Elimination of the Middleman— Direct purchase from the seller through the auction process means buyers pay the actual fair market value of the alcoholic beverage license being purchased.  Buyers now know the total costs, including the price of the alcoholic beverage license, auction fees as well as escrow fees up front before they purchase an alcoholic beverage license through the auction process.  No Business Broker fees to Pay— Ever!
Know The Actual Seller's Asking Price— Licensee(s) or their representatives list their own license for sale, so you know the exact asking price before you buy through the auction process. A Quick and Efficient Transaction— Immediately after the auction fee and license deposit are placed on the alcoholic beverage license, (within 24 hours of the auctions close) the winning bidder will receive the seller’s contact information by email or fax along with contact escrow instructions. Current Listings— We have up to date and accurate alcoholic beverage license listings because they are listed daily by the actual licensees themselves, as well as by business brokers, consultants, attorneys, realtors and finders. You Determine— Your purchase price limit, and new license listings are added all the time. Safety We provide an easy, safe and transparent way for you to purchase a liquor license through the auction process. No Stress or Pressure— To buy a license using our Liquor License Auctioneers’ website. We want you to be successful.  We will help you with any questions you may have before, during or after the auction process. Transparency + Security + Simplicity = Fairness  

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