In-home Wine Parties

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A licensee authorized to sell wine to consumers for consumption off the premises where sold may engage in “in-home wine parties” subject to certain restrictions.

The licensee must pre-sell a sample selection of wines to the host or hostess (that is, the homeowner) who will provide these beverages to invited guests in their home. The wine must be delivered from the licensed premises to the host/homeowner and payment must be collected prior to the event. No other product samples, other than the pre-sold samples, can be provided by the licensee during the event.

Upon arrival at the home, the licensee may provide educational information to guests in attendance. This would include discussing the characteristics and virtues of the wine. Order blanks or “preference” cards can be completed by the guests and collected for sales and deliveries, at a later time, of product maintained at the licensed premises. All sales and deliveries must be made from the licensed premises. Upon completion of the event all pre-sold wine samples are the property of the host/homeowner. The licensee is prohibited from accepting returns of any unused portions of the samples.

Upon returning to the licensed premises, the licensee may fill the orders taken at the in-home sampling and subsequently deliver those items from the licensed premises to the purchaser(s). Please note that the licensee cannot fill orders taken at the home from a supply maintained away from the premises, such as from a vehicle. Also, all beverages sold to the host/homeowner or their guests must be sold from product that has been lawfully purchased in advance from authorized supplier(s). Such beverages cannot be delivered or drop shipped to the consumer directly from a supplier.

The licensee may not provide any gifts (e.g., host/hostess gifts) or prizes to any participants unless otherwise authorized

(Section 25600; Rule 106)

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